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Touring Southern Norway DVD   
 Touring Southern Norway  DVD    $24.95

Norway is a land of unparalleled beauty.  The landscape is varied.  In the space of an hour you can go from austere, snow covered rock plateaus to fertile valleys cradled between steep mountains.  You may continue on to tidy villages hugging the rocky coast to rich fields surrounding an immaculate barn yard.  The colors are rich and vibrant both in nature and in the colors chosen for the homes.  Everything is clean and kept like a treasure.  It is also surprisingly easy to travel.

In this DVD we take you on a trip beginning in the town of Stavanger.  We follow the coastline around the Southern tip of Norway and up to Telemark where we head west across the rugged central mountains.  We travel by motorhome and bring you the images just as you would experience them if you were there.  This is the next best thing to actually touring Norway yourself and a great way to acquaint yourself if you plan a future trip of your own.

45 minutes Cat.# 38131

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