Spectacular Norway DVD
Best selling Norwegian travel DVD on Amazon.com!
Ernest Tubb Live at the Spanish Castle 1965
Ernest Tubb Live 1965
"impeccable sound quality"
Somebody's Darling CD
Somebody's Darling  featured on Dixie Broadcasting.
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Doorway to Norway BluRayDoorway to Norway Blu-ray  $14.95
The unparalleled  beauty of Norway is showcased in this spectacular program. The narrator takes you on a  journey through breathtaking scenery and shares some of the history of the places visited.
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Touring Southern Norway  DVD    $24.95Touring Southern Norway
   Follow the coastline around the Southern tip of Norway and up to Telemark where we head west across the rugged central mountains
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Around Stavanger Norway DVD    
     Around Stavanger Norway  DVD    $24.95
   . . a picturesque, musical journey in and around Stavanger
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Spectacular Norway DVD      
Spectacular Norway Tour  DVD    $24.95     

 This video will take you on a tour of some of Norway's most exciting destinations.
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Rogaland the jewel of Norway DVD
     Rogaland the jewel of Norway  DVD     $24.95
 This musical portrait explores the spectacular beauty and tranquility of Norway.
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Beautiful and Festive Norway DVD  

     Beautiful and Festive Norway  DVD     $24.95    
 a journey through the breathtaking landscape of Norway into the heart of the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race
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Shades of Blue and Gray  DVD

Shades of Blue and Gray  DVD     $19.95
    spectacular Civil War reenactment footage combined with the original Civil War songs of Dave Mathews
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A Nation's Broken Soul  DVD
     A Nation's Broken Soul  DVD     $19.95    
The history of the Civil War comes alive in an exciting and visual way.
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