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Around Stavanger Norway DVD    
     Stavanger Norway  DVD    $24.95

There is no such thing as far in Stavanger. You can experience almost anything you want within a short distance; deep fjords, wind blown islands, and old wooden houses. Stavanger is over 800 years old and has a wide history of old and new. You can visit ancient Viking settlements then spend the evening in a modern but quaint city. Take a walk in spectacular nature or simply stroll the cobblestone streets. This film will take you on a picturesque, musical journey in and around Stavanger. It includes an introduction by the Mayor of Stavanger, Leif Johan Sevland

30 minutes Cat.# 38125

From the Western Viking Magazine November 29, 2002, Alf Lunder Knudsen

FERNDALE, WA - Jan Skugstad and his partner Susan Jacobson of Camelot Media have just released their second video from the Stavanger area. Number one was Rogaland - the jewel of Norway, produced about five years ago. It was an immediate hit and has been featured at Norsk Hostfest in Minot, ND every fall since it first came out.

Judging from the reception that video number two Around Stavanger received at this year's Norsk Hostfest the Skugstad-Jacobson team has come up with another 'jewel'.

From the quaint town of Egersund in the south to the island of Rennesoy in the 'island kingdom' of Ryfylke in the north.  From the weather-beaten shores of Jaeren to its fertile fields among the ever-present piles of cleared rocks - truly a picture of contradictions.  Music, culture, sports, food … and a brief showing of Norway's Constitution Day Syttende mai are all included, as they should be.

Don't feel like spending the money on a ticket or the 9-plus hours in an airplane to satiate your 'thirst' for a touch of Norway?

Simply sit back in your recliner and enjoy your new video Around Stavanger and Rogaland - the jewel of Norway.

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